At the just-concluded China Bearing Industry Association, the second Executive Council of the Eighth session, the China Bearing Association executive vice president and  secretary general made a report entitled “adapting to the new situation and planning for a new development”. The report made a detailed analysis of the bearing industry in the first half year based on major enterprises & the national bearing import and export statistics for machinery and automotive industry, including engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, general machinery (Pumps, fans, reducers, compressors, etc.) petrochemical equipment, environmental protection machinery, electrical industry and other major bearing consuming industrial sections.The following outlook is made for the machinery industry and bearing industry in 2017.

1. Machinery industry: the auto industry and the electrician industry, which has been the main support for the rapid growth of the machinery industry in 2016, will slow down in 2017. But the industry outside of cars and electrical appliances will be better than last year. In a word, the machinery industry in 2017 will continue  the good trend , the industry will maintain steady growth.

2. Bearing industry: according to the development of bearing industry in 2016, and the development of machinery industry and the main host industry in the first half of 2017, the bearing industry will maintain a stable trend in 2017. Bearing export quantity and export delivery value will be better than the level of growth in 2016. Import bearing demand is strong, the import and export surplus will reduce. Overall, the bearing industry in 2017 will be in a growth trend from high to low, but the market will tend to develop steadily.