28Sep 2017
bearing noise test

Chinese Industry Standard for Bearing Noise Test JB/T 7047 – 2006 Rolling bearings – Specifications of vibration (acceleration) for deep groove ball bearings  1. Scope This standard stipulates vibration acceleration specifications for deep groove ball bearings: Bore diameter from 3mm to 120mm Radial clearance C0, C2 or C3 Boundary dimensions conform to standard GB/T 276-1994 Vibration grade “Z” […]

31Jul 2017
bearing vibration test

Chinese Industry Standard for Bearing Vibration Test JB/T 10187 – 2011 Rolling bearings – Specifications for vibration (velocity) of deep groove ball bearings  1. Scope This standard stipulates vibration  (velocity)  specifications for deep groove ball bearings: Boundary dimensions conform to standard GB/T 4604—2006 Radial clearance C0, C2 or C3 Bore diameter from 3mm to 120mm   […]

25Jun 2017
Bearing frictional torque test

Ball Bearing Torque The torque in ball bearings depends on assembly, preload, seal type and lubricants. These need to be selected based on the required specification. There are two types of torque in a ball bearing: Starting Torque and Running Torque Starting torque is the initial torque required to rotate a bearing in the static state. […]

17May 2017
Bearing grease leakage test

Grease-packed sealed rolling bearings are probably the most widely used rolling bearings due to the ease of handling and relatively long service life. However, grease will inevitably leak from such bearings because of the gap between the seal and the inner race. This leakage causes the bearings to deteriorate prematurely and contaminates the environment. Reference […]

12May 2017
bearing life test

Bearing life test is performed to confirm the effectiveness of materials, product design, and manufacturing process, The dynamic testing program is generally done at an accelerated condition to match the clients time and budgetary constraints. ZYS seris bearing life testing machines are controlled by microprocessor, which can preset parameters such as load, speed and time […]

07Mar 2017
Bearing dustproofing test

Reference Standard JB/T 8571 – 2008 Rolling bearings – Sealed deep groove ball bearings – Performance test rule of dustproofing, grease leakage and temperature rise Note: JB/T means Chinese industrial standard

27Jan 2017
Bearing temperature rise test

What’s bearing temperature rise? Almost all friction loss in a bearing is transformed into heat within the bearing itself and causes the temperature of the bearing to rise. Bearing operating temperature is determined by the equilibrium or balance between the amount of heat generated by the bearing and the amount of heat conducted away from […]

19Sep 2016
Bearing Preshipment Inspection

Pre shipment inspection in China “Pre shipment inspection”, (also spelled preshipment inspection) or PSI, is one of the bearing services Qua-City offers which is an important quality control method for checking the quality of bearings clients buy from Chinese suppliers. PSI ensures that production complies with specifications of the buyer and/or the terms of a […]

25Jun 2016
salt spray test

The salt spray test is an accelerated corrosion test used to measure the comparative corrosion resistance of materials exposed to a salt spray or salt fog at high temperature. This corrosion test is intended to provide corrosion resistance information on metals and coated metals. With visual inspection following this test the suitability of coatings, paints […]