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Qua-City Inspection Plants

” Do bearing inspection china before order shipment by professional company.”

Qua-City,  is a unique inspection company in China to provide total quality assurance engineering services to:

Oversea buyers of bearings & mechanical products from China

Critical difference between Qua-City and other laboratories:
Batch consignment inspection”

Generally, other laboratories conduct inspection and testing only on factory provided samples. However, the concern is whether or not these selected samples are representative of the entire lot purchased.

Qua-City understands customer need. Therefore, all of their operation is geared to provide Batch Consignment Inspection, namely samples are taken from the entire shipment as it arrives in their controlled warehouse in Qua-City plant which enables them to pick an “ISO” standard appropriate number of random samples to make sure the samples represent the entire shipment.

Why do bearing inspection China?

Obviously, it’s a better choice to do bearing inspection China than do it yourself after receive the goods. There are at least following benefits for bearing inspection China.

  • Avoid receiving goods in poor quality.
  • Buy from best pricing supplier.
  • No shipment will be released if inspection results are not acceptable.

Where to do bearing inspection China?

Site 1: Cixi in Zhengjiang province , close to Ningbo and Shanghai ports.

Siet 2: Liaocheng in Shandong province, close to Qingdao port.

Qualification of Qua-City

1. Committee members of the “China Bearing Industry Association” in

  • China National Rolling Bearing Standardization Technology committee.
  • China National Rolling Bearing Inspection & Measuring Instrument Technology Committee.

2. Inspection data mutually recognized between Qua-City and Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, the most authorized organization in China bearing industry.

Experience & expertise

Working for years with mature experience and expertise:

  • Customers: from world renowned manufacturers and distributors.
  • Range: from complete mechanical parts to components
  • Quality and Quantity: experience controlling billions of parts per year.

Inspection instruments

Wide range of inspection instruments cover:


Professional engineers, with experience over 20 years, working in different positions with complete expertise coverage in:

  • Bearing production management
  • Bearing manufacturing equipment design
  • Heat treatment
  • Chemical analysis
  • Bearing design
  • Metallurgical examination
  • Material
  • Instrument and master piece calibration
  • Jig and Fixture Tooling

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